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Come Back

Starting over. Back to square one. Back to the drawing board. These words can either come in as refreshing and liberating, or provoke feelings of exhaustion and defeat at their mere mention. It all comes down to your perspective, attitude, and above all, how … Continue reading

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Angel at Mile 24

On November 12, 2011, I ran my first marathon in Richmond, Virginia. America’s Friendliest, to be exact, and believe me, the name speaks for itself, and I can confirm this: they get their name honestly. It was one of the … Continue reading

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“You’re not allowed to run.” Some of the worst words a runner could hear. Almost as bad as hearing that your perceived great health isn’t quite what you thought it was. Or learning that something has taken up residence in your body, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It has always been my personal motto that you never have to wait for a new day, let alone a new year, to make a fresh start or new beginning.  Still, I have to admit, I do get excited and … Continue reading

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From the Darkness

As I look out my window on this dark, cold, and rainy day, I want to turn my head away, curl up in my warm blankets, and have a lazy day.  It’s that time of year where one day it’s … Continue reading

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With each passing day that distances me from my third marathon, I realize more and more how huge those accomplishments are and am beyond proud of what I’ve done. Since I’m not currently training for any races, I’ve had a lot of … Continue reading

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Fall Love

Every year, I look forward to fall with childlike excitement.  The beautiful spectrum of color, leaves turning to their bright orange, red, and yellow alter egos.  The smell of burning wood and leaves, and crisp, cool air mark the beginning … Continue reading

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The Sun Will Come Out…

Back in the summer of 2011, I had fallen into a slump.  I was going through a particularly stressful patch in life at that point in time, and even running began to lose its luster.  Anyone who knows me, knows … Continue reading

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Dream Away

What is a dream?  There are thousands, if not more, books on the subject, cataloging meanings behind every dream you could possibly have, down to ones in which your teeth are falling out.  I’ve personally had that one on several … Continue reading

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