New Year, New You? Weighing In

It’s that time again.  The stores are already lined with diet fads, Special K products, and exercise gimmicks, and TV commercials for gym memberships and diet programs run on repeat as people enter the new year with resolutions for a better, healthier lifestyle. Guilt from holiday overindulgence spells days of drastic detox measures from sudden conversion to vegetarianism to complete fasting on lemon water and tomato juice.  Ick. Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It has always been my personal motto that you never have to wait for a new day, let alone a new year, to make a fresh start or new beginning.  Still, I have to admit, I do get excited and little bit caught up in the hype of New Year’s Eve.  Not so much that I venture out and about to celebrate, but I do at least attempt to stay up and watch the ball drop. Continue reading

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Random Act of Kindness

I’m at Walmart in the midst of another one of my lengthy selections of the perfect navel oranges, knocking several off the display and sending them rolling across the floor of the produce section.  As I chased them down, I looked up to see a little old man an angel in his mid-70s riding on a motorized cart, smiling at me. Continue reading

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Cleaner Eating

I never thought I’d say the words, but I have officially entered into the world of clean eating.

In my quest to get healthier this past summer, I started to research the evils of sugar and was shocked at what I found.   Continue reading

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5K to Marathon…and Back Again

Nearly a year ago, after completing three marathons, I needed a break from my nonstop training. I decided to run for me again: no goals, no races, just for my other countless reasons: fun, exhiliration, energy, freedom, head-clearing, therapy, etc. Of course, this didn’t last long and I was again searching for my next race. For someone who needed a break, it’s been a fairly busy summer of racing.d4dbdb4b

Continue reading

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Last But Not Least

We have another runner! 😀 We all know I get super excited anytime someone gets into running, and my younger sister, Kim, was no exception.  A few years ago, when my mom was pulling her involuntary 5K sign-up stunts, Kim was one of the casualties.  She ran a few races, but it didn’t stick with her.  Then for some reason, about a year ago, she began to take interest. Continue reading

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Dreams Revisited

Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk about all things running, probably more than they care to hear.  Running is not all that I am, but it’s a big part of me, so I don’t apologize for rambling on and on about it, especially since I am forever listening to every Tom, Dick, and Harry topic that’s important to them.

Continue reading

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Trail Date and Bikers

A few hot and humid summer days ago, I invited my sister to join me at a local trail for a running date.  Since she doesn’t really like to run (can you believe that?), I offered to bring my bike along so she could ride next to me.  Little did I know, the journey I was about to embark on was much different than what I had planned. Continue reading

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Where Am I?

M.I.A.  That would be me.  I haven’t written much of anything over the past few months. Why?  Busy with work?  Umm…no, I’ve been off since the middle of June. Working on my book?  No.  Scouting writing gigs?  Nada.  Preparing blog posts? 😦 Continue reading

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In keeping with my sister shout-outs, allow me to introduce you to my oldest sister, Laura aka Bub, which stems from Joge’s inability to say her name as a child, coming out as “Bubba.”  While she’s not what I picture when I think “Bubba,” clearly the name has stuck.  She’s best described as a free spirit, often fiesty, energetic, kind-hearted person who would do anything in the world for you. Continue reading

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