About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a normal (as I define it) person with a genuine love for life.  I try to live each day to its fullest, making every moment count.  I thrive on making my dreams come true, and inspiring others to go after their own.  I’ve often been told I need to “put a leash” on my aspirations, but that’s never stopped me from my never-ending quest to improve myself.  Whether I’m expanding my knowledge or seeking out a new life challenge, it’s a sad truth that I will not live as long as it would take to accomplish all of the dreams I’ve ever had.

I love spending time with my family, watching movies, running, reading (see Book Obsession – coming soon), writing, cooking, and going for scenic drives.  I also enjoy listening to music, dancing, and singing.  I’m full of energy, and at times, I’m not sure where it comes from…but hey, I’ll take it and run.  Literally.  😉

I am married to the greatest person in my world (REALLY) and am SO grateful for this sweet, adorable, fantastically wonderful being who loves and accepts me for the often complex person I am.  He is a huge reason this blog is here (see My Inspiration).  We have one child, Bella, who has graciously adopted us and stolen our hearts in the process.

When I’m not engaged in my favorite pastimes, I’m working at the master’s level in mental health counseling.  I love my day job most of the time, and feel fortunate to have turned a gift into a living.  Being human, I experience the burnout that most do in this field, which is one of many reasons I run.  And read.  And a lot of what I mentioned above.  You get the picture.

There you have it.  Call me a sponge, book worm, dork, whatever.  I love to dream, live, experience, learn, and share…in my areas of interest, that is.  I’m selective that way.

What You Can Expect

Here you will find a combination of my life experiences, thoughts, and theories on a variety of “real life” issues.  All genuine, mostly unfiltered, often silly, but always tactful accounts.

If you are part of the easily offended club, you may want to proceed with caution.  This site is meant solely for mature and open-minded adult interaction.

I love to hear from people, so if you want to share something or have a question for me, I will respond as quickly as humanly possible.  Please bear in mind this blog is new to me, it’s one of many parts of my life, and I’m still learning.

Buckle up, there’s a lot to come.  Enjoy!


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