Where Am I?

M.I.A.  That would be me.  I haven’t written much of anything over the past few months. Why?  Busy with work?  Umm…no, I’ve been off since the middle of June. Working on my book?  No.  Scouting writing gigs?  Nada.  Preparing blog posts? 😦

I have been unearthing myself from the worst case of burnout I’ve had since entering the mental health field eight years ago.  In a very small nutshell, this past year summed up to be the roughest one yet complete with countless changes in my position, more demands on my time, increasingly horrific cases, and sadly, a steady chain of events that has led to a lack of faith in the “system.”  All of that paired with not enough time in the day to get everything done on the shoulders of yours truly, Miss “I Must Save the World,” called for some serious stress.IMG_1398By year’s end, I was so depleted of my typical high energy that I had difficulty thinking straight.  Enter summer healing.


This fixes anything.

For the past eight weeks, I have been busy doing a whole lot of living.  I’ve been taking it incredibly easy, spending a lot of time at home, hanging out with my favorite white fluff,


reading, reading, and more reading, watching my favorite movies and TV shows, organizing and decorating our home, experimenting in the kitchen, easing into “clean eating,” and…gardening, which deserves a post of its own. 😉

Of course I’ve been in running therapy most days, upping my mileage and working on my 5K times.  In my world, running goes without saying…


I’ve also been toying with couponing.  You won’t see much on that subject here because I’m a total amateur who gets plenty excited just saving a few dollars here and there. MP900404926

While I admire those who can turn a $700 grocery bill into nothing, I have neither the intention of nor the time to attempt that.

I’m officially out of hiding just in time to go back to work later this week.  Sigh…I must say I feel rested and rejuvenated, and as ready as I’ll ever be to tackle another school year.  Stay tuned.

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