Nicknames and Aliases

What’s in a name?  Better yet, what’s in a nickname?

My sister Wendy and I have the same nickname for each another.  Joge.  That’s Joge pronounced with the “j” sound, not “g.”  There has been much back and forth between us over how it should be spelled, but we’ve decided we like it spelled “Joge.”  This name goes way back to our childhood days spent engaging in mischievous acts, and for us, it’s extremely hilarious because we “get it.”

I’m forever explaining to the world immediately around us what it means and why we held on to this term of affection over the years.  When we were little, before the existence of caller ID, we would prank call people for fun.  Not exactly an original form of play, but we sure got a thrill out of catching random people off guard. One of the strategies we would frequently use was asking “Is Georgey there?”  What they would have heard, given we used our best faux southern accents, was “Is Jojey theyaaaaa?!”  They would then respond, “Who?” at which point we would repeat, trying hard not to laugh, “Jogggggaaaaaay!”  Then, because we weren’t as good with our poker faces back then, we would laugh hysterically and hang up.  Of course, we ended up getting caught and in trouble, but I still have to give us credit looking back – we could have thought up much worse ways to pass our time. It was entertaining while it lasted, at least for us – I won’t speak for the recipients of those phone calls.

A few years ago, we were reminiscing (and laughing hysterically) over some of our childish antics, and we came across that particular story.  The rest was history, and two Joges were born once again.  Now we rarely refer to each other by our real names, and Joge is even in our contact information on our phones.  We often refer to ourselves in the third person, sometimes as an object, and always with excitement, hence the exclamation point.


Over the years, Joge has evolved into much more:


Jogeness (our idealistic finesse we share with the world), and most recently, I’ve become Aunt Joge to my niece and nephew (her children).

From the outside world’s perspective, Joge can get confusing.  Playing my marathon video clips with Joge hollering in the background “Go Joge!” often lead to questions such as “Is she calling you Joge?”  Uh, yeah!  It’s my name. 😉

Last year, after deciding my current lunch bag was ugly, she surprised me with this personalized Thirty-One bag that has caused quite the stir amongst my coworkers.


I love it!  When I first brought it to work, if I left it unattended, everyone was wondering whose bag it was.  Oh, did THAT bring a lot of questions on, followed by a lot of chuckles.  It’s even funnier when someone pronounces it Jogue.  That doesn’t even sound right.  Even my kiddos will stop mid-sentence when they spot my bag on my desk, asking with a confused look “What is that word?” or “Whose bag is that?”IMG_1356

My favorite Joge token would have to be when she came up with Team Joge when I ran my first marathon,



and again when I ran my second.  She’s all about personalization. 😉

JogeAnd then…she made it her bib name when she ran her first half-marathon, and she killed it!  51758_4962782554070_1952653060_oShe made this Joge very proud. 😀 I got a lot of grief for not changing my own bib name, but I didn’t want to make any changes in this particular race, because it was my comeback from the prior year’s injury.  I only wish I could have been there on the sidelines to hear people calling out for “Joge,” but I was busy running my own race.  She did come back to get me for mile 26 though. 😀

This is one of many games my sister and I play.  While others may think it’s silly, we get a kick out of it, and for us, that’s all that matters.  We have many funny inside jokes that stem from our childhood days, and there are a lot of things we’ve taken with us into our adult lives.  Joge is one of them, and my favorite.  I crack up just hearing it, and even more so, saying it.  And who says life has to be so serious all the time?  That just so happens to be another catchphrase we often use to make fun of celebrate a not so patient ex-boyfriend of hers:  be serious.  Of course, it always ends in laughter, so it defeats his purpose and validates our own.

My focus in this blog is one I am always preaching talking about in my own life. You are the author of your life.  Get out there and live it, and make it count.  One day at a time.  Don’t talk about what you want to do – do it!  Never leave unsaid what needs to be heard.  And above all else, don’t forget to laugh and have some fun along the way.

On that note, I’d like to the world to know that I love my Joge!  The world would truly be a sad place without Jogeness.  Joge! 🙂

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