Rock Star!

I love to sing.  In the car, in the shower, in my house, and even when I’m running. I often sing in my car to pump myself up before work, and show no shame when other people look over at me like I’m crazy.  During stressful drives, I’ve found that singing louder instead of saying something out of anger is quite helpful.

I get a kick out of seeing others singing in the car, and totally applaud them in their choice of self-expression. In fact, I’m considering inviting someone to do a duet with me. One of my talents (as I call it) includes the ability to sing along with my music in the car, stop mid-verse long enough to voice a strong opinion towards an offensive driver, then jump right back into my song without missing a beat. 😉

My favorite place to perform is at home, where I can sing at the top of my lungs, my voice bouncing off the walls and ceilings of my house, amplifying the sound.  Sometimes I think I sound great, and others, oh my.  While I’m no Christina Aguilera, I don’t think I sound all that bad.  Most of the time.  Of course there are days when no one should be subjected to that.  So my sisters say, but I think they may be in denial of their love of my singing voice. 😉 Yet I keep singing, because for me, it’s not about whether or not I sound good. It’s about the release I feel in doing it.


Sometimes I like to take it a step further.  I discovered this really cool app called GarageBand that allows you to create music and make recordings that can be edited to suit your needs.  I have a great time recording my performances and playing them back, whether it be for future reminiscing, pride, or just plain laughter. I can sing the heck out of some Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne.

I know this stems from my childhood years spent walking up and down my cedar chest (aka my stage), singing along with Debbie Gibson songs playing from my little purple radio.  My stuffed animals and dolls were my audience, and always listened intently without judgment.

I highly recommend you give singing a try.  If you don’t have access to the app, use your cell phone or other recording device to capture your vocals in action.  Or just let out your inner Sinatra and forget about having evidence.  Let all of those pent-up emotions and feelings rise up from your stomach and out of your mouth.  It feels great to bust out a tune and relieve that built-up tension.

The best part is, whether you think you sound good or not, it’s both a lot of fun and an incredible release.  For a moment, you feel like you are a rock star.  And who’s to say you aren’t? 😀

Remember my not-so-guilty pleasure of reading funny eCards I was telling you about? Here are a few of my favorites to sum things up here. 😉



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One Response to Rock Star!

  1. olivetorun says:

    This is hilarious. My husband sings constantly and it drives me nuts. Mostly bc he doesn’t sing the whole song, only parts.


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