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In keeping with my sister shout-outs, allow me to introduce you to my oldest sister, Laura aka Bub, which stems from Joge’s inability to say her name as a child, coming out as “Bubba.”  While she’s not what I picture … Continue reading

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Nicknames and Aliases

What’s in a name?  Better yet, what’s in a nickname?

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Spring Fever

Yesterday after work, I went for a seven-mile trail run in low 50-degree temperatures where sunshine was in full force.  While the brightness and warmth always puts me in great spirits, I immediately missed my cold weather running that I … Continue reading

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Germs Be Gone

Germs, germs, everywhere.  Having just recovered from yet another bout of strep throat, migraine, fatigue, and fever, I’ve been thinking a lot about germs and the havoc they’ve wreaked on my body over the past eight years.  For the easily queasy, … Continue reading

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Rock Star!

I love to sing.  In the car, in the shower, in my house, and even when I’m running. I often sing in my car to pump myself up before work, and show no shame when other people look over at … Continue reading

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Simple Things

When I was training for my first marathon, I completed the majority of my long runs alone.  Not that I blame them, but no one really had the hours to invest in accompanying me as I tackled all those miles. … Continue reading

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