Dream Away

What is a dream?  There are thousands, if not more, books on the subject, cataloging meanings behind every dream you could possibly have, down to ones in which your teeth are falling out.  I’ve personally had that one on several occasions, and let me tell you – I was so grateful when I woke up with my teeth still intact. Exhale.

Some say our dreams represent some symbolic gesture of our subconscious, a message from the universe of some pending event.  I have a somewhat different view that I have derived great comfort from; in other words, I believe what I want in order to feel better about what goes on inside my head while I’m sleeping.

I believe dreams are everything that has crossed our minds…hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, memories, etc.  These images are tucked away in those far distant corners of our human minds, seemingly forgotten, but just waiting to be ejected.  Sometimes they play out in our dreams exactly as we thought them, and other times, come in no particular order, gathering particular bits and piecing them together to create a movie in our heads during slumber time.  Sometimes they are rated PG-13, and we wake up happy and hopeful,

And visions of tuna treats danced through her head…

but when those scary R-rated dreams rip us from a peaceful sleep, we wake up restless and disturbed.One particular genre of dreams I have most visited during my many intense thinking parties is those of lost loved ones.  Have you ever had one of those “oh so real” dreams where you get to see, hear, talk to, touch, and feel that person again?  You wake up, only to hurriedly close your eyes again in hopes to fall back into that dream?  You are left feeling comforted and equipped with information, or as though they were trying to send you a message.  How do we know for sure that isn’t real?  Perhaps it is possible for us to meet up in our dreams, driven by our subconscious desires.

I believe that, real life or not, dreams provide us with the opportunity to spend precious time with those we have lost.  Time where lingering questions can be answered, the unsaid can become spoken, and both closure and reassurance are found.  And who’s to say for certain that they aren’t real?

Most people will never take the time or effort to explore this because they are so caught up in what society says is real.  Their beliefs no longer consist of anything magical or fairytale-like.  There is no meant to be, fate, or second chances.  That is the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard.  To each his or her own, and I will continue to live in my world where anything, within reason, is possible.

I can’t help myself…

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